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Nursing homes among safest places for seniors following 98% drop in Covid cases”—McKnight’s Long Term Care News

“Currently, more fatalities are occurring in the general population of older adults over 85 years of age than in those living in nursing homes.”—McKnight’s Long Term Care News 

“The data clearly tracks with the nationwide effort to prioritize nursing home residents for vaccinations. Case counts began to steeply decline as the Pfizer, and then the Moderna vaccines began to be distributed to nursing homes across the country on December 20, 2020. Nursing home case counts remain low, particularly when compared to infection rates among the general population, which have roared back in recent weeks,” -–McKnight’s Long Term Care News

“Today, new cases in American nursing homes are at their lowest point since May, when the federal government began tracking such data, the New York Times reports. Nursing homes are now among the safest places to be.” 

“New COVID-19 cases at nursing homes have plummeted”—USA Today

“Only one thing has been introduced that could have caused this dramatic shift in the number of cases per day. It’s the vaccine.”—USA Today

“Vaccination brings more freedom”—USA Today



Welcome to Pocahontas Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in the heart of Pocahontas, Arkansas. Whether you are looking for short-term rehabilitation or long-term care, you have come to the right place. Our highly skilled healthcare professionals – coupled with sophisticated therapies and high-tech treatments – deliver world-class care that is patient-centered and dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes.

We recognize the importance of performing our jobs with compassion. Our elders often come to us during difficult and challenging times in their lives and deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. In fact, they become part of the family.

Finally, we provide comfort – physically, emotionally and spiritually – in a home-like setting for an enriched experience that improves the overall quality of life and promotes optimal healing.

Our Services

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Short-Term Rehabilitation

Specializing in short-term and long-term skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, we strive to set the standard for incomparable care. We offer sophisticated therapies and high-tech treatments with excellent outcomes delivered by compassionate healthcare professionals.

Long-Term Care

Individually trained restorative aides continue various therapies once the licensed therapist has completed care for the elder. Through restorative care, our staff assists elders in maintaining and improving his or her total welfare as well as reaching and maintaining his or her highest level of functioning independence.

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I always like my nurses and I always have good care.


Leora Leatherman


My favorite part of living here is the friends I have made. I like all the activities and the staff is good to me. The therapy department here is great.
Wendell Wheeless


The staff are always helpful and kind.
Roberta Dauer

The meals are always good.
Ray Oxborrow


I love everything about it here. Everyone is good to me.
Audrey Palmer


The staff are all so kind and helpful. If I can’t live at home this is the next best place.
Lois Johnson

I love seeing the nursing and therapy departments working together to get the residents to the point of going home. We have had many residents in the past year that we thought would have to live with us the rest of their lives. Instead, they were encouraged to work hard, improve greatly and often went home. I feel we find hope in the small achievements and they grow into reality.
Melanie Delgadillo, ADON

One of my favorite experiences was witnessing a resident rely on God. He has had a bumpy past and isn’t proud of some things he has done. He has made a complete 360 turn since being here. He is very scared about an upcoming event and I witnessed one of our nurses praying with him. The difference I saw in him after they prayed is truly amazing. These residents are our family!


Sierra Freeman, CNA

Here at Pocahontas we have a resident whose family members are always bringing us goodies. Not only does it always taste great, it is nice to know that they love and trust us to care for their loved one like our own. It is more of a family gathering than “you just take care of Mom”. This makes me very happy.


Kim Reed, CNA

I am the restorative aide at Pocahontas. When I am able to get someone to walk, that has not walked in a very long time, it is such a good feeling. Especially when a family member lets you know how much they appreciate what you do. When those family members keep you informed of what is going on in their lives it makes you fee like you are part of their family and that you had a big part in that resident’s recovery.

Bev Shelton, Restorative Aide

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